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ZeroSpace was created by Matthew Burtner in 2011 while he was the Provost Fellow at the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The first ZeroSpace Conference on Distance and Interaction took place at UWM on February 18, 2011 in collaboration with Stanford University’s CCRMAIUPUI’s Tavel Center,University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music and the University of Virginia’sInteractive Media Research Group (IMRG). Featured artists and presenters included Chris Chafe (Stanford), Scott Deal (IUPUI), Michael Drews (IUPUI), Aurie Hsu (UVA), Telematic Collective (IUPUI), Steven Kemper (UVA), John Mayhood (UVA), MICE (UVA), MiLO (UWM), Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), RAT (UMKC), and David Topper (UVA).

Workshop | Monday | December 1 | 5pm | Open Grounds
Concert | Monday | December 1 | 8pm | Open Grounds
Free | 924-924-3052

This is An Arts Enhancement Event supported by the Office of the Provost & the Vice Provost for the Arts.

Technosonics XV Concert Videos

Videos of selected performances from Technosonics XV: Found Sound are now available on the VCCM media page.  Follow the link below to check them out!

TS:XV Concert Videos

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