Digitalis 2014

Digitalis 2014The University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music presents Digitalis 2014 on Monday, April 21st at 8pm in Old Cabell Hall. Digitalis, the annual computer music festival at UVA, is brought to you by the Virginia Center for Computer Music and the University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music. This free concert of experimental work for sound and visual media features premiers by undergraduate and graduate students in Composition and Computer Technologies.

These adventurous concerts invite audiences to explore new dimensions of musical experimentation. Highlights of past concerts include: collective compositions by 150 people; performances by Matmos and the 250-person MICE Human-Computer Orchestra; Expressive Machines Musical Instruments; algorithmic compositions, combining algorithmic models that involve cellular automata and rhythmicon. Come experience a musical event like no other.

Ekmeles Residency

The VCCM site is back online, and should soon be moving to a more stable and consistent server soon. Since the last update, we UVa composers were honored to work with the vocal group Ekmleles, who performed our works beautifully.  Many thanks to them, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, Ted Coffey, Mark Graham at the Sound.  Stay tuned for links to concert recordings as well as the subsequent recording sessions.

Room availability for the VCCM lab (room B011 Old Cabell Hall): VCCM Lab Schedule
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